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The EurOPDX 10th Anniversary Symposium.

Celebrating 10 Years of Preclinical Research

Institut Curie, Paris, France
27-28 Nov 2023

Introduction and program

A two-day meeting focus on the present and the future of Preclinical models in Oncology
27-28 Nov 2023

The EurOPDX Consortium had its first general meeting in 2013, in Paris, at the Institut Curie. This year, 2023, we are excited to celebrate our 10th year anniversary with a special event, the 10th Anniversary Symposium, at the same location.


The symposium will feature talks by invited guests, EurOPDX researchers, and industry leaders and is generously supported by the EurOPDX Consortium and by sponsors.

Talks will showcase some of the most recent efforts in using patient-derived animal models (PDX) and organoids (PDOX) in different studies, for different cancer types, and also data and computational tools. Have a look at the detailed program below for more details.

Join us for two days of knowledge-sharing and networking!


The event is a two-days meeting planned to start at 11:30 CET on Monday 27 November 2023 and close at 15:30 CET on Tuesday 28.

The last updated program-at-glance can be downloaded here (click on the PDF icon):

The Conference
EurOPDX Consortium people in 2022

About EurOPDX Consortium

What is the EurOPDX Consortium?

EurOPDX Consortium is a preclinical research network of European cancer centers. Our mission is to develop and share patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models for preclinical research. We are committed to advancing preclinical research to accelerate drug development for cancer patients.



Invited speakers







We are proud to bring inspirational speakers from across Europe and US to share their preclinical research insights and innovations.


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The meeting will take place at Institut Curie, Paris, in the Burg amphitheatre (Amphithéâtre Constant Burg), at 12 rue Lhomond (Google Maps).


The amphitheatre is at the basement level, please take the spiral staircase to the left on entering. Coffee breaks and lunches will take place in the courtyard accessible via the ground floor.

People discussing

Registrations are now CLOSED

If you have already registered yourself, you can check your status at the following link:
Registration fees:​​
  • 100 € for EurOPDX Members only.

  • 200 € for academics (not Members).

  • 400 € for industry.


Includes access to the symposium, coffee breaks, and lunches as listed in the program.

It is possible to pay with credit card or bank transfer. 

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Do not use the link to register, your attempt will be ignored. Thank you.

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